Creating Partnerships to Advance, Protect, and Reward Superior Healthcare

Healthcare Risk Advisors partners with healthcare organizations to identify and solve their unique challenges in services for self-insurance programs, risk transfer, risk management, and claims and litigation.


Healthcare Risk Advisors (HRA) offers insurance and risk management services, including consulting focused on self-insurance, risk transfer methods, the reduction of liability and improvement of patient outcomes, and more. With an overall goal of ensuring appropriate levels of coverage and access to best-in-class risk mitigation services and resources, HRA is focused on allowing our members to focus their time and effort on the communities they serve.

Who We Work With


Hospitals & Academic
Healthcare Systems

Large groups, including private equity backed providers​


Physician Groups

Physicians and allied healthcare professionals​


New York Physicians



Brokers and agents



For Hospitals

We partner with healthcare organizations to identify and solve their unique insurance, risk-transfer, and risk management needs.

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For New York Physicians

We provide professional liability coverage for physicians and allied healthcare professionals affiliated with our client hospitals.

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The HRA 3P Promise

Healthcare Risk Advisors is constantly striving to reduce medical malpractice lawsuits through our 3P system.


  • Risk Management Tools and Education
  • Innovative Safety Initiatives


  • Provider and Staff Education
  • Family Engagement and Communication
  • Coaching and Simulation


  • EHR: Patient Documentation Improvements
  • Provide Best Possible Defense in Event of Lawsuit
  • Leverage 30+ Years of Litigation Experience Defending Providers


Reducing Liability Exposure for Our Partners for Over 30 Years

Healthcare Risk Advisors ensures our partners have appropriate levels of coverage—as well as access to best-in-class risk prevention services and resources—so they can focus their time and effort on the communities they serve.

“HRA has been our integral partner in identifying opportunities to improve patient safety and outcomes through their careful analytics. While this has reduced the risk of liability, our relationship has also helped us improve the quality of care that we provide.”

- A Nine-location New York Hospital

“One unfortunate consequence of being an obstetrician is lawsuits. The one silver lining in it has been my dealings with the folks at HRA-HIC. As my defense team they have been thorough, professional, tireless, and successful! I could not have been happier with the outcomes and them.”

- An Insured NY Obstetrician




average indemnity paid limited to $2M vs. high-risk venues benchmark




average expenses paid vs. high-risk venues benchmark

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